Anti Spatter Liquid Spatter Nixe

Anti Spatter Liquid Spatter Nixe

SPATTER NIXE is an innovative Product that has transformed the welding methods. This innovative product is silicone free, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non Polluting welding Anti Spatter Liquid.
Spatter Nixe is time-tested by NABL recognized lab in Mumbai, India, whose results are officially approved by several government departments & third party inspection agencies.
Spatter Nixe proves efficient when undergone various mechanical tests such as bend test, load test, tensile test, and radio graphytest, showing advancement in weld joint quality with use of Spatter Nixe.
Due to this technological break through product, you will completely eliminate laborious & time-consuming chipping and grinding operations required for removing weld spatter there by obtain better weld joint quality.


Spatter Nixe is applied before starting the Welding Procedure of achieving the below mentioned benefits :
  1. Chipping and Grinding not needed for removing spatter.
  2. Slags are very easily removed
  3. Drastic reduction in cleaning cost by 70%.
  4. Dense and Clean weld Joint
  5. Caseous and non-metalic inclusion are minimised.
  6. Tremendous improvement in the efficiency of welder
  7. Gently removes spatter thus maintains smooth parent surface
  8. Eco-friendly product asit is free from chipping & grinding procedure
  9. Preferred by ISO 14000 organization, no health hazards thus safe for welders
  10. Enhances mechanical and metallurgical properties of weld metal.
  1. Spatter Nixe fill in spray Bottle , for Spraying application.
  2. The application surface must be free from grease oil etc.
  3. Apply Spatter Nixe in a thin uniform film on any metal surface , Apply with the help of plastic spray bottle on both the side of welding surface area – prior to welding ( Around 3-4 inches where spatter are likely to stick )
  4. After applying Spatter Nixe Start welding .
  5. Once welding gets completed use separate fresh cloth to remove welding Spatter particles along with Spatter Nixe film.

1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg  Carboy.


Popular in Pickling and Passivation Industry.

All Products IIT approved under ASTM-A380 standards