Rust Converter 177 for Steel to Increase the Paint Life

Product Description

Rust Converter 177 is an innovative product based on the latest technology in rust converters. The distinctive formula of this product accounts for its dual functionality. Rust Converter 177 is a single pack ready-to-use solution which on applying converts the existing steel rust into a stable metal complex by forming a polymeric film over it. The Polymeric film acts as a protective and passivative coating preventing further corrosion which in turn acts as an ideal base for painting.
Rust Converter 177 reacts with all the layers and forms a stable non-reactive complex organo-metallic surface having bluish-black colour. In addition, this innovative product arrests the migration of ions, preventing electro-chemical corrosion process and prolongs the paint life for a reasonable period of time, resulting in considerable savings.
  1. Converts existing rust into stable metal complex, forms protective coat and prevents further rusting
  2. Eliminates complicated usage of sand blasting, wire brushing and mechanical grinding, saving time and labour
  3. Converts the complete structure rust oxide into stable metal complex minimizing the labour cost
  4. The final film formed on the original surface fails to hinder with the bond strength on the concrete to the steel bars in RCC structures or any other coating that is finally applied over it
  5. Enhances 10 times life at a marginal extra cost when compared to the conventional products (non-film formers), offering better protection
  6. Does not require intensive surface preparation except for proper cleaning of pitted iron surface
  7. The product being a water based system, is environment friendly, non-flammable, non-toxic and neutral when compared to other solvent based systems
  8. Dry film highly abrasion resistant and resistant to common household chemicals
  9. Good UV resistant
  10. Capable of withstanding general temperature shocks without becoming chalky or brittle
  11. Provides an aesthetic and convenient to maintain rust-free surface when applied to the surface
  12. Easy to apply using roller or brush
Application Guidelines
  1. In the corroded steel segment, remove off the loose and flaky rust by mechanical means i.e. use wool, chipping, wire brushing etc. depending upon the intensity of rust.
  2. Ensure that the surface requiring treatment with Rust Converter 177 is free from paint coat, oil, grease, etc. Then, apply Rust Converter 177 properly with brush, spray, and roller or by dipping on the affected area with uniform strokes for achieving a uniform coat on the steel surface.
  3. Use a non-metallic container for removing Rust Converter 177.
  4. Let the first coat dry completely for 24 hours to ensure the complete reaction of
  5. Rust Converter 177 with rust. Then, the surface is ready to receive any kind of further coat. Rust Converter 177 is brown in colour when applied. Complete protection is obtained within few minutes and as soon as the coated surface changes it colour to either jet black or brownish black, depending upon the kind of rust present on the coated surface.
  6. Avoid applying coating if rain and extreme temperature conditions are expected within 6-8 hours of application.

Areas of Application

Structural steel tankers (road & sea), overhead water tanks, heavy drilling rigs, chemical process equipment and storage tanks, pipe and tube stock, bridges, conveyors, automobile dickeys, cranes, concrete reinforcements, pipelines etc. and practically in all kinds of industries where problem of rusting of iron exists.

Coverage and Shelf Life

Rust Converter 177 covers about 30sq.m / litre (depending upon the surface texture and porosity of the substance. It has unlimited shelf life when stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and seal the container properly. Avoid mixing unused and used Rust Converter together; or else rust present in used Rust Converter 177 can induct chemical reaction in unused Rust Converter 177.

1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg Carboy.

Safety and Handling Precautions
Avoid direct contact with skin, mouth, and eyes. If in contact with skin, mouth and eyes, rinse off with water and get immediate medical check-up. Use of eye shield and gloves is recommended while using Rust Converter 177.

Popular in Pickling and Passivation Industry.

All Products IIT approved under ASTM-A380 standards