E-Polish 250 of Stainless Steel

E-Polish 250 is essentially the reverse electrolysis process by which a metal is removed from a work piece by passing appropriate electric current while the work is dipped in a specially-formulated solution. In an E-Polish 250 system, the work piece is dissolved by adding metal ions to the solution thus removing flaws from the surface of the metal part.

E-Polish 250 is a precision controlled electrochemical elimination of the surface metal, ensuing vivid mirror like look with enhanced chromium enriched metallurgical surface properties. Referred as reverse plating, this process has a levelling effect producing smoothness and enhanced reflectivity. Most significantly, the distorted, vague surface layer of the metal is removed off, thus leaving a chromium-rich, passive surface free of embedded contaminants like iron and work-inducted residual stresses from machining and forming. This procedure is safe and does not cause etching and pitting under controlled situations. E-Polish 250 will eliminate hydrogen from the surface limiting the bacteria growth.

Benefits of E-Polish 250

  1. Burr removal
  2. Brightening
  3. Oxide and tarnish removal
  4. Increased corrosion resistance and durability
  5. Complete passivation
  6. Removal of surface occlusions
  7. Removal of directional lines
  8. Reduction in surface profile
  9. Improved adhesion in subsequent plating
  10. improved conductivity
  11. Reduced surface friction
  12. Reduced buffing & grinding costs
  13. Compatible for welding, soldering and achieving high vacuum
  14. Stress relieved surface
  15. Increased ratio of chromium to iron
  16. Removal of hydrogen
  17. Improves surface reflectivity
  18. Reduces growth of bacteria in food industry application
Product Recommended Use Use Parameters
E–Polish 250 For Electro Polishing of Stainless Steel Ready to use electrolyte, 100% concentrated
E–Polish 250 Additive Super Additive for Electro Polishing electrolyte Regular additions of E–Polish 250 A to working solution gives lustrous bright & non–etching smooth surface

1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg Carboy.

Areas of Applications
There is a wide range of product & industry applications for Electro Polished SS items including the following.


Gates, lampposts, floor (durbar) plating, door furniture, glass panel fixings (wrought or cast), sculptures, handrails, etc


Radiator grilles, tyre making plant vessels, bull-bars, safety equipment frames, bezels, etc


Food and Beverages
Food mixing blades, brewing vessels, confectionery moulds, vending machine water tanks, etc.


Swimming pool building furniture including ladders, & disabled lift frames


Surgical instruments, vein tubes, surgical implants


Powder hoppers, pipes & valves, process tanks, etc


Pulp & Paper
Screen cylinders


Semiconductor & High Vacuum Plant
Pump parts, clean room process equipment & furniture, valves, pipe-work.


Dyeing vats


Krystal Surface Solutions provides complete process set-up starting from consultancy, process machines, and full accessories, fixture, training to workers & testing of used solution for E-Polish 250.


Safety and Precautions
Person handling this product must wear rubber gloves and avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of any contact, it must be washed with lots of fresh water. Seek medical advice if required.


This information is based on present level of knowledge. It is given in good faith but not intended to guarantee any peculiar properties. The users must satisfy themselves that there are no circumstances requiring additional information of verification or precaution of details given herein.

Popular in Pickling and Passivation Industry.

All Products IIT approved under ASTM-A380 standards