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STAR 100 Degreaser Powder Form

STAR 100 is a sulphur-free degreaser for removing mid rust, dirt, buffing compounds, oil, grease, soil etc. STAR 100 can be used in hygienic industries such as Pharmaceutical etc. as it is sulphur-free. Add 50-75 gm/litres in water (1kg STAR 100 in 15-20 litres water), stir to dissolve. Wipe SS surface with cotton/ pressurised spray for 3-5 minutes or soak small parts for 10 minutes.

STAR Gel Pickling Gel Pickling Paste Form

Krystal Surface Solution is a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pickling Gel and Pickling Paste. Our products are available world wide under brand STAR GelTM. STAR GelTM is the only product if you are looking for Weld Cleaner Pickling Gel, weld Remover Pickling Paste, Stainless steel pickling paste. Area Coverage per kg: Approximately 90 to 100 running meters for weld seam Per kg.TM

STAR Spray Pickling Sprayble Gel

STAR Spray that comes in semi-gel form is extremely safe and easy to use. It is used for cleaning large fabricated equipments such as SS vessels, dairy machinery, dryers, agitators, and internals & external of pipes with the help of pump or pressurized plastic spray bottle. Simultaneously, it also removes ferritic contamination, weld burns, and annealing colours.

STAR Pickling Dip Liquid

STAR™ Dip comes in liquid form and is used in cleaning complicated and non-reachable areas of SS components such as external and internal of pipes, wire rolls, and internal recessed areas of machinery. Parts of heavy machineries are dipped in huge tanks using chain pulley or circulation system for de-scaling and cleaning of pipelines. STAR™ Dip is circulated inside pipelines with the help of pumps.

STAR Passivation

STAR Passivation must be used after the application of STARTM Gel, STAR Spray or STAR Dip as it is necessary to passivate SS surface after pickling. Star Passivation products helps to form a thin passive film on Stainless Steel surface that will protect corrode and contaminate.

STAR Neutralizer

Star Neutralizer is an innovative neutralizing aid for Star chemical products. As this product is environment friendly, the water solution of spent Star chemicals can be discarded in municipal sewage system.

STAR Nozzle Gel

STAR Nozzle Gel is Manufactured using supreme quality of materials and used for MIG Torch Gun Nozzle. With regular use, it extends the life of nozzle and contacts tips. It creates an antispatter film that does not clog orifices & threads. It eliminates erratic operation. STAR Nozzle Gel helps to prevent spatter and spatter build-up. It is suitable to use on semi-automatic and automatic MIG Gun Nozzle and other welding equipments. It is well-suited for fixture and jigs and prolongs life of nozzle tip by preventing spatter build-up on tip.

STAR 400 Series

The comprehensive collection of Star 400 Series is available at highly cost effective prices. It is a chemical that acts as a rust remover as well as enables a passive film on the stainless steel surface. Besides, the clients can avail these in varying customized forms as per their preferences.


Anti Spatter Liquid Spatter Nixe

SPATTER NIXE is an innovative Product that has transformed the welding methods. This innovative product is silicone free ,non-flammable, non-toxic ,and non Polluting – welding Anti Spatter Liquid.

Spatter Remover 511

Spatter Remover 511 is an innovative product that has transformed the welding methods. This innovative product is silicone free, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-polluting – Welding Anti Spatter and flux in emulsion form.

Rust Converter 177

Rust Converter 177 is an innovative product based on the latest technology in rust converters. The distinctive formula of this product accounts for its dual functionality. Rust Converter 177 is a single pack ready-to-use solution which on applying converts the existing steel rust into a stable metal complex by forming a polymeric film over it. The Polymeric film acts as a protective and passivative coating preventing further corrosion which in turn acts as an ideal base for painting.

E-Polish 250 Of Stainless Steel

E-Polish 250 is essentially the reverse electrolysis process by which a metal is removed from a work piece by passing appropriate electric current while the work is dipped in a specially-formulated solution. In an E-Polish 250 system, the work piece is dissolved by adding metal ions to the solution thus removing flaws from the surface of the metal part. E-Polish 250 is a precision controlled electrochemical elimination of the surface metal, ensuing vivid “mirror like” look with enhanced chromium enriched metallurgical surface properties.

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All Products IIT approved under ASTM-A380 standards