Pickling Pasting Gel

Krystal Surface Solutions provides Pickling Paste Gel Pickling Spray STAR Spray Pickling Spray able Gel for Pickling and Passivation. From our Star range “STAR Spray” is one product which is `Fume less’ pickling and passivation and Cleaning Gel chemicals for stainless steel and low alloy steel. With plastic spray pump or pressurized spray bottle “STAR Spray” is applied on large stainless steel surface areas. “STAR Spray” simultaneously removes ferritic contamination, weld burns and annealing colors. These “STAR Spray” are safe and easy to use for cleaning of large equipments like dryers, agitators, dairy machinery, S. S. Vessels, fermentators , internals as well as externals of pipes by pressurized pump or spray bottle. For Duplex-Super, Duplex grade and 400 series of Stainless Steel, different special grade of “STAR Spray” is available.

  1. Krystal Surface Solutions undertakes job work contract for pickling and passivation of large SS Vessels and equipments etc.
  2. STAR is approved by renowned third party inspection agencies as per international standards.
  3. Stainless Steel Pickling Passivisation Cleaning Spray Gel used for large SS tanks, Equipments, Machinery, Pipelines etc.
COVERAGE : Our STAR Chemicals are tested & approved by famous I. I. T. Bombay under ASTM A380 standards.