Paintable Welding Anti Spatter

These are heavy duty thin film welder anti spatter coating. Paintable Welding Anti Spatter is designed to prevent spatter from adhering to weld beads, surrounding metal surfaces and welding tips during welding. Paintable Welding Anti Spatter are used in various industrial application which are resistance welding tips, migs and tig tips, weld ments, electrode holders, contact tips, tools, metal moulds, bench top splash guards, valve spindles, piston rod.
ADVANTAGES: These are heavy duty anti spatter which are effective even on the most severe high amperage weld spattering different from normal anti spatter sprays. These Paintable Welding Anti Spatter are non-flammable. Formulation with a non-flammable co2 propellant for higher use safety as well as higher actual coverage (97% actives vs 65% max actives in hydrocarbon propelled aerosol sprays).These are durable and superior in application. These make no adverse affect on type of welding. Also keeps tips and nozzles clean. This Paintable Welding Anti Spatter prevents spatter build up.