Anti Spatter MIG Welding Nozzle Gel Star Nozzle Gel

Krystal Surface Solution are counted as consistent firm which provides Anti Spatter Nozzle Gel Star. These are used for MIG Torch Gun Nozzle. Anti Spatter Star Nozzle Gel is manufactured by using best quality material . With the regular use of STAR Nozzle Gel you can increase the life of nozzle and contact tips. Anti Spatter Star Nozzle Gel creates an anti spatter film that does not allow to clog orifices and threads which eliminates erratic operation and prevent spatter and spatter build up. Anti Spatter Star Nozzle Gel is used in the semi automatic and automatic MIG Gun Nozzle and other welding equipment. It is also used for fixtures and jigs to prolong the life of nozzle tip by preventing spatter build up on tips. The properties of Anti Spatter Star Nozzle Gel are silicon free,non toxic and non flammable, non flashing, biodegradable ,paintable, odourless. It gives superior protection against porosity. This product does not contain fluorocarbons or any ozone depleting chemical. It is eco-friendly product with excellent cooling property for longer tip and nozzle life.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Before welding operation, dip the gun 1cm to 2 cm into the Anti Spatter Star Nozzle Gel . Then start welding operation , remove the spatter which is stick around the contact tips and inside the nozzle. Brush onto fixture and positioner. Safety and handling precautions : Avoid prolonged skin contact as it cause drying of skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes. It should be used in well ventilated area .