Pickling Passivation Paste Gel Star Gel

STAR Gel Pickling Passivation Gel Pickling Paste form available with us is a wide range of industrial product. Star Gel Pickling Passivation Paste is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas. Star Gel Pickling Passivation Paste is applied with brush. This Pickling Passivation Paste find wide application in removing discoloration, heavy scales, rust particles near weld, annealing colors and welding affected area by heat. This Pickling Passivation Paste Star Gel detects pinholes remaining after welding.

APPLICATION METHOD : First apply “STAR Gel” on Stainless Steel welded seam & nearby area with nylon bristles brush. Then it requires contact time approximately of 5 to 30 minutes depending on grade & thickness of SS and temperature of SS surface. After this time span wash with water, properly with pressurized water jet spray. Use plastic scrubber only if required. Then you will get totally silvery white surface without grinding or buffing process.

COVERAGE :This will cover approximately 90 to 100 meters of weld seam per kg. Our STAR Chemicals are tested & approved by famous I. I. T. Bombay under ASTM A380 standards.