Pickling & Passivation Paste Gel

Krystal Surface Solutions gives unique chemical technology for Stainless Steel Pickling & Passivation Paste STAR Gel, Stainless Steel Pickling & Passivation Chemical, Pickling Paste STAR Gel, Pickling Gel STAR Gel. The technology, the only of its kind has excelled in the Indian market as well as International market. STAR product is approved by the Indian Institute Of Technology (I.I.T.-Bombay) under ASTM A-380. The I.I.T. inspection report states that STAR chemical products when tested cleaned and passivated stainless steel surface satisfactorily under the US(American) standards for testing materials (ASTM A-380). The product, STAR Gel ( Pickling gel Pickling paste form ) used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas. It is applied with brush. This Pickling and passivation Paste Gel find wide application in removing discoloration, heavy scales, rust particles near weld, annealing colors and welding affected area by heat without grinding or wire brushing or buffing. Therefore STAR Gel ( Pickling gel Pickling paste form )does not require separate passivation chemical process to be done.

It covers approximately 90 to 100 meters of weld seam per kg of STAR Gel ( Pickling gel Pickling paste form) Star Gel Pickling and Passivation Paste is stain-free and does not expose black or yellow stains after washing with water. STAR Gel is accepted by various third party party inspection agencies.